Badami attractions

Top Choice Cave in Badami

Cave Temples

Badami’s highlights are its beautiful cave temples, three Hindu and one Jain, which display exquisite sculptures and intricate carvings. They're a magnificent example of Chalukya architecture and date to the 6th cen…
Ruins in Badami

North Fort

High above Badami and Agastyatirtha Tank, the ruins of the North Fort are worth exploring. Only the foundations remain of most of the site, but there are fortifications to investigate and restored granary towers. Of…
Museum in Badami

Archaeological Museum

The archaeological museum houses superb examples of local sculpture, including a tremendous 12th-century makara tokarna (entrance decoration) that has detailed carvings on both sides and a remarkably explicit Lajja-…
Historic Site in Badami

Agastyatirtha Tank

Badami’s cave temples overlook the 5th-century Agastyatirtha Tank, a huge reservoir that was once the settlement's main water supply. On its banks are several temples, including the Bhutanatha Group.