Central Bus Stand

Bus in Aurangabad

With electronic screens in English, Aurangabad's Central Bus Stand has a leg up on most in India. Buses leave about every half-hour to Pune (non-AC/AC ₹400/775, 5½ hours, 5am to 6pm) and hourly to Nashik (non-AC/AC ₹350/425, 4½ hours, 5am to 10pm).

Ordinary buses head to Ellora every half-hour (non-AC/AC ₹37/345, 30 minutes, 5.30am to 8pm) and to Jalgaon (non-AC ₹200, four hours, 5.45am to 8pm) via Fardapur (₹180, three hours), which is the drop-off point for Ajanta.