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Top Choice Monument in Aurangabad


Built by Aurangzeb’s son Azam Khan in 1679 as a mausoleum for his mother Rabia-ud-Daurani, Bibi-qa-Maqbara is widely known as the poor man’s Taj. With its four minarets flanking a central onion-domed mausoleum, the …
Top Choice Indian in Aurangabad


Rightly famous for its delicious, unlimited Rajasthani and Gujarati thalis, Bhoj is a wonderful place to refuel and relax after a hard day on the road (or rail). It’s on the 1st floor of a somewhat scruffy little sh…
Bar in Aurangabad

KA Lounge

Aurangabad's one and only trendy cocktail bar is brand-spanking new and caters to the city's upwardly hip who plop down on cosy lounge seating amid exposed brick walls and groove to DJ-spun hip-hop, jazz and house o…
Indian in Aurangabad

Green Leaf

Aurangabad's favorite modern vegetarian is loved for delectable pure-veg dishes that really pop with flavor (try the veg handi or paneer Hyderabadi) and come with spice level indicators (one chilli pepper equals med…
Cave in Aurangabad

Aurangabad Caves

Architecturally speaking, the Aurangabad Caves aren’t a patch on Ellora or Ajanta, but they do shed light on early Buddhist architecture and make for a quiet and peaceful outing. Carved out of the hillside in the 6t…
Indian in Aurangabad

Swad Restaurant

Though prices are similar, always-packed Swad is the simpler, more local and slightly greasier counterpart to some of our other favourite spots in town. Waiters clad in bright Rajasthani-style turbans sling spicy sa…
Indian in Aurangabad


This bustling pure-veg restaurant looks and feels vaguely like an half-hearted Indian take on an American diner, with big portions of food in familial surrounds. There’s lots of Punjabi and South Indian food, as wel…
North Indian in Aurangabad


Offers fine tandoori dishes, flavoursome North Indian veg and nonveg options and an extensive beer list (for Aurangabad) in a weirdly Pharaonic atmosphere. Try the wonderful sizzler kebabs. A few Chinese dishes are …
Textiles in Aurangabad

Paithani Silk Weaving Centre

One of the best places to come and watch weavers at work is the Paithani Silk Weaving Centre where you’ll find good-quality products for sale. It’s about 6km east of Kranti Chowk (behind the Air India office), so ta…
Museum in Aurangabad

Shrimat Chatrapati Shivaji Museum

This simple museum is dedicated to the life of the Maratha hero Shivaji. Its collection includes a 500-year-old chain-mail suit and a copy of the Quran, handwritten by Aurangzeb.