Religious in Tawang Valley


Torgya, starting on the 28th day of the 11th lunar month (usually late January), is a ritual chasing-away of evil spirits, and features three days of spectacular masked chaam dances in the courtyard of Tawang Gompa.
Religious in Tawang Valley


Festivities for the dazzling Tibetan New Year festival embrace community prayer sessions, sports like archery and colourful folk dances – including the Senge Cham, which features green-and-white dancing snow lions.
Music in Ziro Valley

Ziro Music Festival

Over a four-day weekend in (usually) late September, Ziro is invaded by several thousand music lovers. Headliners include top indie bands from across the country, plus some northeastern folk groups during the day.
Religious in Pasighat


In early September Pasighat hosts the interesting Adi festival of Solung, marked by rituals performed to seek agricultural prosperity and protection from evil spirits.
Cultural in Tawang Valley

Tawang Festival

A four-day tourism-oriented celebration of Arunachal cultures in late October, with folk and monastic dances, music concerts, marathon-running and plenty more.
Sports in Mechuka


For three days in November, adventure sport lovers assemble in Mechuka for paragliding, mountain biking, rock climbing, rafting, archery, hiking and nocturnal river-island parties, while local people take the chance…
Cultural in Bomdila

Buddha Mahotsava

This three-day cultural and sports festival, held over a weekend in early November, showcases the area's varied tribal cultures.