Around Sanchi attractions

Top Choice Hindu Shrine in Around Sanchi

Udaigiri Cave Shrines

Cut into a sandstone hill 5km northwest of Vidisha are some 20 remarkable, mostly Hindu, cave shrines from the 4th century AD (Gupta period). The first cave you'll reach is Cave 19, dedicated to Shiva, with a finely…
Museum in Around Sanchi

District Museum

Eight hundred metres past the railway bridge on the Sagar road in Vidisha, the District Museum houses some beautiful sculptures recovered from local sites, the most impressive of which is a 3m-high, 2nd-century-BC s…
Buddhist Stupa in Around Sanchi


Sonari (10km southwest of Sanchi) is the most accessible Buddhist site from Sanchi. The site consists of a series of squat stupas that when first excavated in 1850 were found to contain reliquaries with traces of bo…