Around Patna attractions

Buddhist Site in Around Patna

Kesariya Stupa

Rising high out of the earth from where the dying Buddha donated his begging bowl, the enormous Kesariya Stupa is an enthralling example of how nature can reclaim a deserted monument. Excavated from under a grassy a…
Buddhist Stupa in Vaishali

Buddha Relic Stupa

This 5th-century stupa, originally 12m tall, is now in ruins, but it was once one of the eight locations in which Buddha's ashes were buried. The soapstone relic casket found here now reside in Patna Museum.
Buddhist Site in Vaishali

Kolhua Complex

Set in a landscaped park, Kolhua comprises a large, hemispherical brick stupa guarded by a lion squatting atop a 2300-year-old Ashoka pillar. The pillar is plain and contains none of the Ashokan edicts usually carve…
Mausoleum in Around Patna

Chhoti Dargah

One potential excursion from Patna is to hire a taxi to this architecturally elegant three-storey mausoleum fronted by a large tank, 30km west of Patna. The venerable Muslim saint Makhdum Shah Daulat was buried here…
Buddhist Stupa in Vaishali

World Peace Pagoda

This impressive but modern, whitewashed pagoda built in 1996 by Japanese Buddhists dominates the Vaishali area.
Museum in Vaishali

Archaeological Museum

The small museum at Vaishali contains some fine 1000-year-old Buddhist statuary and an intriguing 1st- to 2nd-century AD toilet pan. It also has an interesting scale model of the nearby site of Kolhua.