Top things to do in Around Margao

Historic Building in Chandor

Braganza House

Braganza House, built in the 17th century and stretching along one whole side of Chandor’s village square, is the biggest Portuguese mansion of its kind in Goa and the best example of what Goa’s scores of once-grand…
Palace in Around Margao

Palácio do Deão

About 8km southeast of Chandor is the busy small town of Quepem. Here the Palácio do Deão, the renovated 18th-century palace built by the town’s founder, Portuguese nobleman Jose Paulo de Almeida, sits across from t…
Dam in Around Margao

Salaulim Dam & Gardens

About 26km southeast of Margao, Salaulim Dam is a major reservoir supplying irrigation and drinking water to South Goa. For visitors the dam wall is quite a sight, especially when the water level is high enough for …
Historic Site in Chandor

Braganza House West Wing

The West Wing belongs to one set of the Braganza family’s descendants, the Menezes-Braganças. It’s well maintained and more like a museum than a home, filled with gorgeous Belgian glass chandeliers, Italian marble f…
Historic Site in Chandor

Braganza House East Wing

The East Wing of Braganza House is owned by the Pereira-Braganza family. It’s not as grand and well-maintained as its western counterpart, but is beautiful in its own lived-in way and is also crammed with antiques a…
Historic Building in Chandor

Fernandes House

A kilometre east past the church, and open to the public, is the Fernandes House, whose original building dates back more than 500 years, while the Portuguese section was tacked on by the Fernandes family in 1821. T…
Historic Site in Loutolim

Casa Araujo Alvares

Loutolim is home to a number of impressive Portuguese mansions but just one, Casa Araujo Alvares, opposite Ancestral Goa, is officially open to the public. You can tour the interior of the 250-year-old house on an i…
Religious in Chandor

Feast of the Three Kings

On 6 January, Chandor hosts the colourful Feast of the Three Kings, during which local boys re-enact the arrival of the three kings from the Christmas story.
Church in Around Margao

Rachol Seminary & Church

Built in 1580 atop an old Muslim fort, the Rachol Seminary and Church stands near the village of Raia, 7km from Margao. It’s not officially open to visitors, but you might find a trainee priest to show you around it…
Temple in Around Margao

Shri Damodar Temple

Approximately 12km southeast of Chandor and 22km from Margao, on the border of Quepem and Sanguem talukas, is the small village of Zambaulim, home to the Shri Damodar Temple. Though the temple itself is uncompromisi…