Religious in Hemis

Tse-Chu Festival

The birthday of great Tibetan 'saint' Padmasambhava is celebrated with three days of masked dancing, much of which retells the story of his life. The main event is held on the 10th and 11th days of the fifth lunar m…
Religious in Matho

Matho Nagrang

During this famous festival, Matho monastery oracles perform daring acrobatics while effectively blindfolded, ‘seeing’ only through the fearsome ‘eyes’ painted on their chests. They also engage in ritual acts of sel…
Religious in Stok

Guru Tse-Chu Festival

Royal oracles at the modest Stok Gompa make predictions about the future during Stok’s important Guru Tse-Chu festival.
Cultural in Chemrey & Takthog

Chemrey Thekchhok Festival

Festival with masked dances and mystic rituals at Chemrey's dramatic monastery.