Top things to do in Around Jodhpur

Fort in Nagaur


Nagaur's massive 12th-century Ahhichatragarh underwent a two-decade, Unesco-award-winning restoration program under the auspices of Jodhpur's Mehrangarh Museum Trust. Inside the vast walls, the focal point is the ce…
Hindu Temple in Rohet

Om Bana Temple

One of the strangest temples in all of India stands 8km south of Rohet beside the Pali road, near Chotila village. The deity at Om Bana Temple is a garland-decked Enfield Bullet motorcycle, known as Bullet Baba. The…
Hindu Temple in Osian

Sachiya Mata Temple

This hilltop temple, about 200m north of the bus stand, receives crowds of pilgrims, both Hindu and Jain. People usually come here after the marriage of their children, but the big crowds come for Navratri (nine nig…
Jain Temple in Osian

Mahavira Temple

Dedicated to the last of the Jain tirthankars (great teachers), this temple features an open-air pavilion-style mandapa (temple forechamber) supported by carved pillars. The drum of the dome features sculptures of a…
Lake in Southern Villages

Guda Lake

Most tours include a stop at a viewing platform overlooking the small (and full only after a good monsoon) Guda Lake. Migratory birds, such as demoiselle cranes, and mammals such as blackbucks and chinkaras, can be …
Arts & Crafts in Southern Villages

Roopraj Dhurry Udyog

A cooperative of 42 families in Salawas runs the Roopraj Dhurry Udyog, through which all profits go to the artisans. A 3ft by 5ft dhurrie costs a minimum of ₹5000, a price based on two weavers working several hours …
Music in Nagaur

World Sacred Spirit Festival

Nagaur occasionally hosts the World Sacred Spirit Festival (along with Jodhpur), with international musicians playing in the sublime setting of Ahhichatragarh. This three-day program at Nagaur is rather exclusive as…
Fair in Nagaur

Nagaur Fair

The colourful Nagaur Fair is a smaller but even more camel- and cattle-focused version of the Pushkar Camel Fair, and worth diverting for.
Islamic Tomb in Nagaur

Tarkin-ki Dargah

The Tarkin-ki-Dargah was commissioned by the Mughal emperor Akbar for Hamiduddin Nagori, a disciple of the Sufi saint Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chishti. It is a major Sufi pilgrimage site and its minarets can be seen from …
Museum in Kichan & Phalodi

Dadha Heritage Museum

The small Dadha Heritage Museum contains coins and Jain and Hindu manuscripts, paintings, and silver, bronze and copper sculptures from many parts of India.