Around Jammu attractions

Religious Site in Around Jammu

Vaishno Devi Shrine

In a cave within a forested mountain rising steeply above Katra, the Vaishno Devi Shrine was popularised in the 1990s songs of Gulshan Kumar, and has since become one of India’s busiest pilgrim sites. These days it …
Fortress in Around Jammu

Akhnoor Fort

Rising on a cliff almost directly above the Chenab River is the powerful red-brick ruin of one of the Dogras' most important 19th-century fortresses. Viewed from across the river, the ensemble is still an impressive…
Fortress in Around Jammu

Bhaderwah Fort

Dominating Bhaderwah from a flat-topped hill above town is the recently reconstructed remnant of a 1733 fort, used till recently as a prison. Views are predictably sweeping.
Hindu Shrine in Around Jammu

Chandi Mata Temple

The spiritual heart of Bhaderwah for Hindus is this garish temple with its vividly painted shikhara (tower) and a central, octagonal building that looks like the bizarre love child of a circus tent and a space stati…
Archaeological Site in Around Jammu

Ambaran Archaeological Site

The remarkable 5th-century terracotta heads that you might have seen in Jammu's Dogra Art Gallery, were originally found at this important if visually underwhelming riverside site near Ambaran Village. A one-room mu…