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Top Choice Museum in Around Bhuj

Living & Learning Design Centre (LLDC) Crafts Museum

Fifteen kilometres east of Bhuj, this superb NGO-run museum is an absolute must for anyone interested in the centuries-old crafts practised by Kachchh artisans. One of three planned galleries is now open, showcasing…
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Around Bhuj

White Desert

West of Khavda and north of Hodka, the white desert is the one accessible corner of the Great Rann of Kachchh – the 30,000-sq-km desert between the Gulf of Kutch and the mouth of the Indus River in southern Pakistan…
Monastery in Around Bhuj


In the hills about 60km northwest of Bhuj is the eerie 12th-century monastery at Than. This is a laid-back place, with architecture ranging from crumbling mud brick to Portuguese-style stucco, blue and whitewashed b…
Archaeological Site in Around Bhuj


A long drive northeast from Bhuj is the fascinating and remote archaeological site of Dholavira, on a seasonal island in the Great Rann. Excavations have revealed a complex town of stone buildings 1 sq km in area, i…
Village in Around Bhuj


Bhujodi, about 7km southeast of Bhuj, is a village of weavers, mostly using pit looms, operated by both feet and hands. You can look into many workshops, which produce attractive shawls, blankets and other products.…
Hill in Around Bhuj

Kalo Dungar

North of the village of Khavda, the Black Hill marks Kutch's highest point (462m), with remarkable views over the Great Rann salt flat (or inland sea if you're visiting during the monsoon). You'll need your own tran…
Handicrafts Workshop in Around Bhuj

Tejsibhai Dhanabhai Marwada

In a small village near Bhujodi, several kilometres east of Bhuj, this master craftsman is the only one in the area who specialises in hand-weaving carpets, rugs and wall hangings of superb quality made out of camel…
Handicrafts Workshop in Around Bhuj

Tana Bana

One of the graduates of the Somaiya Kala Vidya design school for artisans, weaver Ramji Maheshwari demonstrates his craft on a traditional pit loom. Scarves, shawls and other quality items for sale.
Village in Around Bhuj


This appealing Meghwal village off the main road to Khavda has beautifully decorated houses and embroidery and leatherwork for sale. Some of the craftspeople can be a little overenthusiastic.
Village in Around Bhuj


Inhabited by the Meghwal and Halepotra people, this village specialises in leatherwork and embroidery. It's around 55km north of Bhuj, off Rte 341.