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Cafe in Araku Valley

Araku Valley Coffee House

You can sample and buy local coffee and all kinds of chocolatey goods (brownies, chocolate-covered coffee beans) at Araku Valley Coffee House, which also has a tiny coffee museum.
Indian in Araku Valley

Star Annapurna

Perhaps the best restaurant in the Araka area, offering a wide choice of flavoursome dishes including a good chicken biryani, fish dishes and lots of well-spiced vegetable curries.
Museum in Araku Valley

Museum of Habitat

This museum has extensive exhibits on the tribal peoples of eastern Andhra Pradesh, including full-scale mock-ups of hunting, ceremonial and other scenes, and a few craft stalls. Worthwhile, but displays and informa…
Cave in Araku Valley

Borra Caves

Illuminated with fancy lighting, the huge million-year-old limestone Borra Caves are 38km before Araku town and can be combined with a visit to the Araku Valley. Watch out for monkeys. There are snack stands close t…
Museum in Araku Valley

Coffee Museum

Small museum inside the Araku Valley Coffee House. The origin of coffee in East Africa and its cultivation in the Araku Valley are explained. Most local coffee is the high-quality arabica bean.
Arts & Crafts in Araku Valley

Araku Aadiwasi Arts & Crafts

Located between the Coffee House and bus station, it has a good selection of tribal jewellery, jute bags and wrought-iron and brass ornaments.
Indian in Araku Valley

Vasundhara Restaurant

Vasundhara Restaurant, in Hotel Rajadhani, serves a range of inexpensive veg meals including a good Andhra thali.