Top things to do

Hindu Temple in Anegundi

Hanuman Temple

The whitewashed Hanuman Temple, accessible by a 570-step climb up the Anjanadri Hill, has fine views of the rugged terrain around. Many believe this is the birthplace of Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god who was Rama’s …
Arts & Crafts in Anegundi

Banana Fibre Craft Workshop

Watch on at this small workshop as workers ply their trade making a range of handicrafts and accessories using the bark of a banana tree, and recycled materials. Of course they sell it all too.
Hindu Temple in Anegundi

Durga Temple

An ancient shrine close to Anegundi village that's worth a visit. The journey from Anegundi is very beautiful, through classic Hampi terrain of ochre boulders and rice paddies.
Hindu Temple in Anegundi

Ranganatha Temple

This small Ranganatha Temple is devoted to Rama.