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Private Two-Day Hampi Tour from Bangalore

In this 2 day tour, we experience Hampi the world heritage site with the ruins of the great Vijayanagara Empire. Even though the once proud city of victory lies in ruins today, it has a sense of timelessness. Over the 2 days we will go back in time and relive life in the 15th century when this empire was at its zentih.  We will explore magnificent temples with musical pillars, gigantic works of art carved out of stone, royal quarters, palaces and cave paintings that go back to the Iron Age.  You can call this UNESCO world heritage site as one of the world’s largest open air museums.
2 days
Air, Helicopter & Balloon Tours

3 day tour of Hampi by flight from Bangalore

In this 3 day tour, we will fly in from Bangalore and visit the World Heritage Site of ancient Vijayanagara Empire at Hampi. One of the richest cities in the world in the 15th century, Hampi is the world's largest open air museum. Relive the golden era of the Vijaynagara empire by exploring the Royal enclosures, Queen's bath, Elephant stables and Palaces. We will visit magnificent temples like Virupaksha which has a river flowing through it, Vijaya Vittala with its legendary musical pillars, Ugra Narasimha and Hazara Rama. Enjoy the scenery through a serene ride on a coracle over the Tungabhadra river. Explore ancient cave paintings and village life at Anegundi
3 days