Museum in Nagarjunakonda

Nagarjunakonda Museum

The thoughtfully laid-out Nagarjunakonda Museum has Buddha statues and some superbly detailed carvings depicting local contemporary life and the Buddha's lives. The reassembled remains of several buildings,...

Buddhist Site in Nagarjunakonda

Sri Parvata Arama

This Buddhism heritage park, featuring a recreation of the huge Amaravathi stupa, is 8km north of the dam. It's been under construction by the state tourism authorities for many years and is still far from...

Dam in Nagarjunakonda

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam

This vast structure, which dams the river Krishna, is 180m in height from its deepest foundation and 1.6km long. The adjacent hydroelectric plant has a power generation capacity of 815.6 MW.

Indian in Nagarjunakonda

Hotel Siddhartha

Beside Sri Parvata Arama, with tasty curries, biryanis, fish dishes and lots of snacks served in a pleasant, airy pavilion.

Historic Site in Nagarjunakonda


Peaceful Anupu is 10km from the Nagarjuna island launch point. The remains of a stupa, university and amphitheatre were relocated piece by piece prior to the construction of the dam.