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Andhra's tourism websites are www.aptourism.gov.in and www.aptdc.gov.in.

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Located in Andhra Pradesh, Haailand is the world’s first Buddhist Theme Park. A slice of South East Asia provides the perfect backdrop for a leisure getaway and thrilling rides. You can go on a number of adrenaline pumping rides such as the Columbus, Ghost Ride, Jumbo Fly, Cavalier and Super Trouper. There is also a lazer show and 5D movies on display. Kids pricing is applicable to those between 2.6 to 4 ft., while those above 4 ft. will be charged adult pricing. Disclaimer: Rides will operate subject to availability.One or more rides may be non-operational due to maintenance issues at any given time. Information about any such rides will be provided at the bookings counters. No refund will be provided in case the rides are non-operational. Note: A Viator/TripAdvisor booking confirmation sent at the time of confirmation is not the official ticket.You will receive a separate redemption voucher/code.

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Southern India & East Coast by Rail

It’s common knowledge that India is a huge tourist destination — so what do you do if you want to get off the beaten path and check out some underexplored parts of the country? Get on the train, of course. Hop on board and go from the deep south of Kochi up the east coast towards bustling Kolkata, disembarking to explore temples and palaces along the way. You’ll have the chance to explore smaller cities and villages on the coast, getting a perspective on this country that few have the opportunity to experience. Once you’ve lived like a local hopping off and back on the train for your next adventure, you’ll be seeing India in a brand new light.

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