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Dangers & Annoyances

Crocodiles are part of life in many parts of the Andamans, particularly Little Andaman, Wandoor, Corbyn's Cove, Baratang and North Andaman. An American tourist was killed by a saltwater crocodile while snorkelling off Havelock (at Neil's Cove) in 2010, as was a young Indian at Wandoor Beach in 2017. Reports suggest that human–crocodile conflict is on the rise: officially there have been six crocodile attacks since 2014, though the media suggests it's around 15. A high level of vigilance remains in place and swimming is banned at some beaches. It’s important you keep informed, heed any warnings by authorities and avoid being in the water at dawn or dusk.

Sandflies can be irksome, with these small biting insects sometimes causing havoc on the beach. To avoid infection, it's imperative not to scratch what is an incredibly itchy bite. Bring along hydrocortisone cream and calamine lotion for these bites. Seek medical assistance if it gets infected. To prevent bites, repellent containing DEET is your best bet, and avoid the beach at dawn and dusk.