Top things to do in Amaravathi

Buddhist Site in Amaravathi

Amaravathi Stupa

This historic site, 43km west of Vijayawada, was the earliest centre of Buddhism in southern India, with the nation's biggest stupa, 27m high and 49m across, constructed here in the 3rd century BC. All that remains …
Museum in Amaravathi

Amaravathi Museum

Tthe Amaravathi Museum has a model of the adjacent stupa, a copy of a relic casket found in it, and some of the intricate stone sculpture with which the Satavahanas covered and surrounded it, including part of a gat…
Buddhist Statue in Amaravathi

Dhyana Buddha Statue

This giant 38m statue of a seated Buddha is located close to the ruined Amaravathi Stupa and Krishna River. Its base is being developed into a museum.