Top things to do in Vopnafjörður

Top Choice Cafe in Vopnafjörður


It seems everyone passing through town stops here – and with excellent reason. Inside Kaupvangur, you'll find sofas to relax on, plus delicious coffee, a big lunchtime soup buffet, homemade pizzas (eat in or take aw…
Cultural Centre in Vopnafjörður


The town’s most significant building is Kaupvangur, a restored customs house. You’ll find an excellent cafe and information centre on the ground floor, and a handicrafts shop. Upstairs there’s a well-curated exhibit…
Museum in Vopnafjörður


This high-quality folk museum is set in a photogenic 18th-century turf-roofed manor house southwest of Vopnafjörður township. The on-site Cafe Croft serves home-baked cake and coffee. It's 8km off Rte 85 about 19km …
Alcohol in Vopnafjörður


Government-run liquor store, next to the supermarket.
Supermarket in Vopnafjörður


The supermarket shares a car park with Vinbúðin.