The park wardens have created several excellent maps of the region. The park map (350kr) is a useful 1:55,000 plan that ranks the local hikes by difficulty and is also available online.

The Útivist & afþreying maps are also handy; #3 (790kr) zooms in on the Ásbyrgi–Dettifoss route.


Drones are prohibited in the national park, except with permission from park authorities.

Tourist Information

When Rte 862 is sealed and visitor numbers climb as a result, facilities and transport (like buses) will likely change. It’s worth checking the park website (or visitor centre) to see what’s new.

There is a summer-only ranger station at Vesturdalur.

Gljúfrastofa Visitor Centre The super-helpful national-park visitor centre at Ásbyrgi (just off Rte 85) has an information desk with brochures and maps for sale, informative displays on the area, and knowledgeable staff.