Þingeyri Peninsula

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in Þingeyri

West of Þingeyri, the peninsula and its dramatic peaks offer spectacular hiking and cycling. You can rent fat bikes and mountain bikes at Simbahöllin cafe and follow the dirt road that runs northwest along the northern edge of the peninsula and along Dýrafjörður to the scenic valley at Haukadalur, an important Viking site.

If landslides don’t block the road (check locally), you can continue around the peninsula, passing cliffs where birds perch and the remote lighthouse at Svalvogar. Do not attempt this track with a 2WD car – you will not make it. Local tour operators, and those in Ísafjörður, also offer tours here.

Inland, the Westfjords’ highest peak, Kaldbakur (998m), is a good hiking spot. The steep trail to the summit begins from the road about 2km west of Þingeyri town.

Þingeyri Tourist Office can provide maps and advice.