Top things to do

Top Choice Bakery in Ísafjörður

Gamla Bakaríð

For breakfast, lunch or a mid-morning sugar fix, there’s a clutch of tempting bakeries in town. Gamla Bakaríð is usually packed for its full range of sweet treats (cookies, doughnuts and cakes) as well as fresh brea…
Top Choice Seafood in Ísafjörður


The warm and rustic restaurant next to the heritage museum offers some of the best seafood around. Go for the plokkfiskur – flaked fish, potatoes and onions – or try the various catches of the day, fresh off the boa…
Top Choice Museum in Bíldudalur

Skrímslasetur Icelandic Sea Monster Museum

The Skrímslasetur Icelandic Sea Monster Museum, across from the church, has moody, fun, impressively elaborate and dramatic multimedia exhibits about local and foreign monster legends. The interactive multimedia tab…
Top Choice Museum in Bolungarvík

Ósvör Maritime Museum

Ósvör Maritime Museum, housed in a series of old turf-and-stone fishing shacks, down a turn-off just after the tunnel into town, is well worth a visit. A guide in a typical lambskin fisher’s outfit shows you around …
Top Choice Museum in Hólmavík

Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft

This award-winning museum is by Hólmavík's central harbour. Unlike the witches of the infamous Salem trials in New England, almost all of Iceland’s convicted witches were men. Most of their occult practices were sim…
Top Choice Museum in Ísafjörður

Westfjords Heritage Museum

Part of a cluster of historic wooden buildings by the harbour, the Westfjords Heritage Museum is in the Turnhús (1784), which was originally a warehouse. It is crammed with fishing and nautical exhibits, tools from …
Top Choice Cafe in Patreksfjörður


This cool spot in an adorable, sunny little house with fjord views perches on the street running parallel to and above the water. There are daily specials, soups, sandwiches and decadent pastries. Also makes a mean …
Top Choice Cafe in Þingeyri


Simbahöllin is a cool cafe in a restored general store with friendly baristas serving tasty Belgian waffles during the day and hearty lamb tagines at night. There's outdoor seating with fjord views, and the welcomin…
Top Choice Cafe in Látrabjarg Peninsula

French Café

There’s a wonderful small cafe serving delicious cake and coffee or beer and wine (kr1300) on a farm called Kirkjuhvammur, just back from Rauðasandur. At low tide you can walk right down to the reef.
Top Choice Cafe in Ísafjarðardjúp


Litlibær is a charming cafe with interesting memorabilia in a historic 19th-century farmstead on Skötufjörður. The owner was born and raised on the land, and these days his family dotes on weary tourists, offering t…