Top Choice Cosmetics in Tálknafjörður


This renowned Icelandic company is family run, and makes a line of excellent organic balms and ointments from wild-gathered Icelandic herbs. There are no set opening hours, so call if the shop is closed and someone …
Arts & Crafts in Ísafjörður

Rammagerð Ísafjarðar

Rammagerð Ísafjarðar sells quality knitting and other local crafts.
Alcohol in Ísafjörður


National liquor chain.
Arts & Crafts in Suðureyri

Á Milli Fjalla

This teeny shop sells locally crafted knits, ceramics and unique trinkets.
Alcohol in Patreksfjörður


National liquor-store chain.
Food in Ísafjarðardjúp

Saltverk Reykjanes

Saltverk Reykjanes processes delicious sea salt.
Shopping Centre in Ísafjörður

Neisti Centre

Ísafjörður's central shopping centre houses the post office, a supermarket and various restaurants and shops.
Arts & Crafts in Bolungarvík


This bright, small Icelandic-design arts and homewares shop just opened in 2016; the owners hope to open for longer hours in 2017.