Top things to do in The Eastfjords

Top Choice Island in Borgarfjörður Eystri


Five kilometres past the wee church is the photogenic small-boat harbour and islet of Hafnarhólmi, home to a large puffin colony. A staircase and viewing platforms allow you to get close to these cute, clumsy creatu…
Top Choice Museum in Stöðvarfjörður

Steinasafn Petru

The wondrous assemblage at Petra's Stone Collection was a lifelong labour of love for Petra Sveinsdóttir (1922–2012). Inside her house, stones and minerals are piled from floor to ceiling – 70% of them are from the …
Top Choice Icelandic in Eskifjörður


This extraordinary boathouse dates from 1890, and when new owners entered it in 2008, they found it untouched for 80-odd years. The upstairs sleeping quarters of the fishermen have remained as they were found; downs…
Top Choice Seafood in Neskaupstaður


A touch of New England in the Eastfjords: this photogenic waterfront shed has been reborn as a cheerfully rustic eatery-bar, with a deck boasting million-dollar views. The menu roves from toasted foccaccia to pizza,…
Top Choice International in Seyðisfjörður

Skaftfell Bistro

This fabulous bistro-bar and cultural centre is perfect for chilling, snacking and/or meeting locals and artists. There’s a short menu that changes weekly, plus popular pizza options (including 'reindeer bliss' and …
Top Choice Sushi in Seyðisfjörður

Norð Austur Sushi & Bar

Locals rave about this place – and with good reason: the salmon, trout and char come straight off the fishers' boats and into the hands of accomplished sushi chefs with international pedigree. Set tasting menus offe…
Top Choice Cafe in Berufjörður


Continuing the wonderful Icelandic tradition of live music in unlikely places, this warm, creative farm (1km east of Berunes HI Hostel) is owned by a young family that includes acclaimed musician Prins Póló. A conve…
Top Choice Microbrewery in Breiðdalsvík

Beljandi Brugghús

Maybe every tiny town should have a microbrewery. Especially when it's as genial as this one. Opened in 2016, this brewery and bar has free samples of its concoctions: the signature Beljandi is a pale ale, but there…
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Neskaupstaður

Fólkvangur Neskaupstaðar

At the eastern end of town, where the road runs out, is this lovely nature reserve perfect for short strolls. Various paths run over boardwalks and past boulders, peat pits, cliffs and the sea, with a soundtrack of …
Top Choice Street in Seyðisfjörður

Rainbow Street

This street is supremely photogenic: a rainbow is painted on the pavement, and the Blue Church serves as a sweet backdrop. It features in many advertising campaigns and is a popular tourist photo opp.