The Eastfjords attractions

Top Choice Island in Borgarfjörður Eystri


Five kilometres past the wee church is the photogenic small-boat harbour and islet of Hafnarhólmi, home to a large puffin colony. A staircase and viewing platforms allow you to get close to these cute, clumsy creatu…
Top Choice Museum in Stöðvarfjörður

Steinasafn Petru

The wondrous assemblage at Petra's Stone Collection was a lifelong labour of love for Petra Sveinsdóttir (1922–2012). Inside her house, stones and minerals are piled from floor to ceiling – 70% of them are from the …
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Neskaupstaður

Fólkvangur Neskaupstaðar

At the eastern end of town, where the road runs out, is this lovely nature reserve perfect for short strolls. Various paths run over boardwalks and past boulders, peat pits, cliffs and the sea, with a soundtrack of …
Top Choice Street in Seyðisfjörður

Rainbow Street

This street is supremely photogenic: a rainbow is painted on the pavement, and the Blue Church serves as a sweet backdrop. It features in many advertising campaigns and is a popular tourist photo opp.
Museum in Neskaupstaður


Three collections are clustered together in one bright-red harbour front warehouse, known as ‘Museum House’. Tryggvasafn showcases a collection of striking paintings by prominent modern artist Tryggvi Ólafsson, born…
Landmark in Berufjörður

Öxi Pass (Route 939)

At the head of Berufjörður, the 19km Öxi mountain pass (Rte 939) offers a summer short cut to drivers en route to or from Egilsstaðir. The pass cuts about 70km off the Djúpivogur–Egilsstaðir journey (compared with f…
Nature Reserve in Berufjörður


Rockhounds will love the display of zeolites at this farm, now a natural monument and nature reserve 5km northwest of Djúpivogur. It's renowned for its zeolite crystals, and the caretaker can open the small museum h…
Public Art in Djúpivogur

Eggin í Gleðivík

Walk or drive down to the waterfront behind Langabúð and follow the road west to reach this intriguing public artwork: 34 oversized eggs along the jetty, each one representing a local bird. While you're there, check…
Landmark in Seyðisfjörður


A favourite walk takes explorers from a parking area south of Tækniminjasafn Austurlands about 15 or 20 minutes uphill to the 'sound sculpture' Tvísöngur, a concrete installation created by German artist Lukas Kühne…
Church in Seyðisfjörður

Bláa Kirkjan

The star of many a tourist photo, the Blue Church has a dramatic mountain backdrop to add to its highly photogenic exterior. It's often locked, but opens for weekly summer concerts.