The Drive from Staðarskáli to Hólmavík

Although lacking the natural drama on show further north, the long drive along Rte 68 from Staðarskáli (formerly Brú) to Hólmavík hugs the edge of vast fjords. It's a pleasantly pastoral route, with rolling hills dotted by small farmhouses and lonely churches.

The small Sheep Farming Museum, 12km south of Hólmavík, details the region’s farming history through photos and artefacts, and offers an inviting cafe. For lodging try the basic rooms at Kirkjuból guesthouse, or the dorms at the modern Broddanes HI Hostel on the point south of Kollafjörður.

There is no public transit on Rte 68, although Strætó buses do link Staðarskáli with Reykjavík and Akureyri (bus 57), and Hólmavík with Borgarnes (bus 59).