Museum in Stokkseyri


Inside a huge maroon-and-black warehouse in the centre of town, Draugasetrið is a veritable haunted house run by a gaggle of blood-thirsty youngsters. A 50-minute audio guide (in many languages) recites 24 spooky st…
Museum in Stokkseyri

Elves Museum

On the other side of the building that contains Draugasetrið, the Elves Museum involves trolls, elves and Northern Lights, and is a good bet for young children. There's also a cinema showing a short Northern Lights …
Historic Building in Stokkseyri

Rjómabúið á Baugsstöðum

About 6km east of Stokkseyri, this old 1905 creamery dairy still has its original machinery. Interestingly, most of its products were sold to England. Find it near the Knarraros Lighthouse.
Lighthouse in Stokkseyri

Knarraros Lighthouse

Built between 1938 and 1939, this 26m-tall art nouveau lighthouse designed by Axel Sveinsson was Iceland's first built of reinforced concrete. It also makes for a good point of reference along Rte 333.