Southeast Iceland restaurants

Top Choice Icelandic in Jökulsárlón to Höfn

Jón Ríki

This fabulous farmhouse restaurant at Hólmur is something of a surprise, with funky decor, a small in-house brewery, and beautifully presented, high-quality dishes: grilled langoustine, avocado chips and panna cotta…
Top Choice Icelandic in Höfn


Hats off to a menu that tells you the name of the boat that delivers its star produce. In a stylish harbourside warehouse, Pakkhús offers a level of kitchen creativity you don’t often find in rural Iceland. First-cl…
Top Choice Icelandic in Höfn


Humarhöfnin offers ‘Gastronomy Langoustine’ in a cute, cheerfully Frenchified space with great attention to detail: chequerboard tiled floor and herb pots on the windowsills. Mains that centre on pincer-waving critt…
Top Choice Cafe in Stokksnes

Viking Cafe

In a wild setting under moodily Gothic Vestrahorn mountain, you’ll find this cool little outpost, where soup, coffee, waffles and cake are served.Beside the cafe is a small block of rooms – simple, with fabulous sur…
Icelandic in Höfn

Otto Matur & Drykkur

A new incarnation for the oldest house in Höfn (dating from 1897) has turned it into an elegant space high on Nordic style. The small menu spotlights fresh local produce – langoustine is here, of course, as well as …
Icelandic in Jökulsárlón to Höfn

Flatey Farm & Restaurant

At a large dairy farm, this new cafeteria-style restaurant is a decent daytime refuelling stop halfway between Jökulsárlón and Höfn – and it's where a few tour operators have their summer set-up. There's a small men…
Fast Food in Höfn


A fabulous relic, this tiny old-school diner has a cheap-and-cheerful vibe, big breakfasts, a menu of fast-food favourites (hot dogs, burgers, toasted sandwiches) and a fine langoustine baguette – for the (relative)…
Cafe in Jökulsárlón to Höfn


Jöklasel, the base hut for Glacier Jeeps, is situated at the top of Rte F985, 840m above sea level. The cafe at Jöklasel must have the most epic views in Iceland – it’s like being on top of the world. There's coffee…
Icelandic in Höfn


The fresh-faced restaurant at Hótel Höfn is open year-round and offers a creative menu that sings with fine local ingredients. It ranges from pearl-barley salads to langoustine pizzas by way of beef burgers and salm…
International in Kirkjubæjarklaustur


The liveliest place in town is this cafe-bar, which can get slammed in summer. Its tasty, wide-ranging menu offers soups, salads, pizzas and burgers – but understandably plays favourites with local char and lamb.