Snæfellsnes Peninsula in detail

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The Road from Stykkishólmur to Grundarfjörður

The scenic stretch between Stykkishólmur and Grundarfjörður is filled with myth and mystique, from spiritual mountains to saga-storied lava fields, with the bright water just offshore.

Gone Berserk

According to Eyrbyggja Saga, long ago a farmer from Hraun grew weary of having to walk around the jagged lava flows to visit his brother at the farm in Bjarnarhöfn. Returning from a voyage to Norway, he brought back two berserkers – insanely violent fighters who were employed as hired thugs in Viking times – to work on his farm, but to his dismay one of the berserkers took a liking to his daughter. He turned to the local chieftain, Snorri Goði, for advice, but Snorri had his eye on the farmer’s daughter as well and he recommended setting the berserker an impossible task. The farmer decided to promise the amorous berserker his daughter’s hand in marriage if he was able to clear a passage through the troublesome lava field – surely impossible.

To the shock and horror of both Snorri and the farmer, the two berserkers quickly set to work and managed to rip a passage straight through the treacherous moonscape. Rather than honouring his promise, the farmer trapped the berserkers in a sauna and murdered them, allowing Snorri to marry his daughter.

Today, a path through the Berserkjahraun can still be seen, and a grave was discovered containing the remains of two large men.