Top things to do

Top Choice Waterfall in Skógar


This 62m-high waterfall topples over a rocky cliff at the western edge of Skógar in dramatic style. Climb the steep staircase alongside for giddy views, or walk to the foot of the falls, shrouded in sheets of mist a…
Top Choice Glacier in Skógar


One of the easiest glacial tongues to reach is Sólheimajökull. This icy outlet glacier unfurls from the main Mýrdalsjökull ice cap and is a favourite spot for glacial walks and ice climbing. Rte 221 leads 4.2km off …
Top Choice Waterfall in Skógar


Pretty much off the tourist radar (you'll likely have the place to yourself) is this hidden 20m waterfall that you can walk behind. The short trail to it starts behind the grey building at the far east of the Skógar…
Top Choice Museum in Skógar

Skógar Folk Museum

The highlight of little Skógar is the wonderful Skógar Folk Museum, which covers all aspects of Icelandic life. The vast collection was put together by Þórður Tómasson over roughly 75 years – he retired as the museu…
Beach in Skógar


On 21 November 1973, a US Navy aeroplane was forced to crash-land at Sólheimasandur. The crew all survived, but the wreckage of the militarised Douglas DC-3 remains on the black-sand beach, a lean shell whipped by t…
Icelandic in Skógar


Fossbúð doesn't have the most glamorous decor, but it does have friendly staff and serves reasonably priced hearty plates. Order soup, hamburgers, sandwiches and cakes, or more solid meals like fish and chips or ful…
Icelandic in Skógar

Hótel Skógafoss Bistro-Bar

The bistro-bar at Hótel Skógafoss is in a very convenient location, and rather tempting with its large windows looking onto the nearby falls. However, food is mediocre (burgers, pastas, fish), service can be slow an…
Fish & Chips in Skógar

Mia's Country Kitchen

Mia's red-and-while polka-dotted food truck sells one thing only – fresh fish and chips, with crunchy wedges and sauce (choose Icelandic tartar, sweet chilli or ketchup). It's permanently located on the road to Skóg…
Cafe in Skógar

Heimamenn Cafe & Minimart

This small cafe serves hot dogs, soup, sandwiches, pizza, hot drinks, cakes and pastries. It also has a teeny mini-mart selection and some camping supplies. It's 2km west of Skógar.
Cafe in Skógar


Skógakaffi is inside the Transport Museum at the Skógar Folk Museum complex and offers basic snacks, like salmon sandwiches, cakes and soup.