Icelandic króna (kr or ISK)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than 18,000kr

  • Camping: 1500–1800kr
  • Dorm bed: 4000–7000kr
  • Hostel breakfast: 1800–2000kr
  • Grill-bar meal or soup lunch: 1500–2200kr
  • One-way Reykjavík–Akureyri bus ticket: 10,120kr

Midrange: 18,000–35,000kr

  • Guesthouse double room: 18,000–28,000kr
  • Cafe meal: 2000–3500kr
  • Museum entry: 1000kr
  • Small vehicle rental (per day): from 8000kr

Top end: More than 35,000kr

  • Boutique double room: 30,000–45,000kr
  • Main dish in top-end restaurant: 3500–7000kr
  • 4WD rental (per day): from 15,000kr


Bargaining is not an accepted practice. You are expected to pay advertised rates.


There's an ATM outside the supermarket.