Getting There & Away

There's now a steep 700kr per day parking fee for cars stopping at Seljalandsfoss. Bus companies are also charged higher rates to stop, and the Strætó bus no longer stops here and there is discussion among certain bus companies about ceasing their routes to this location as well.

At the time of writing Sterna and Trex still ran services to Seljalandsfoss from Reykjavík, plus a new company Thule Travel, with routes from Seljalandsfoss to Reykjavík and Húsadalur/Þórsmörk.

Sterna bus 12/12a travels from Reykjavík (4500kr one-way, three hours, one daily) to Seljalandsfoss.

Trexhas a service between Þórsmörk and Seljalandsfoss (5400kr one-way, one hour, two daily mid-June to early September).

Thule Travel has services betweenSeljalandsfoss and Húsadalur/Þórsmörk (4650kr, two hours, two daily June to August), as well as Reykjavík (5000kr, 2¾ hours, two daily), stopping in Selfoss en route.