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Top Choice Bakery in Laugavegur & Skólavörðustígur

Bakarí Sandholt

Reykjavík’s favourite bakery is usually crammed with folks hoovering up the generous assortment of fresh baguettes, croissants, pastries and sandwiches. The soup of the day (kr1540) comes with delicious sourdough br…
Top Choice Cafe in Laugavegur & Skólavörðustígur

Kaffi Mokka

The decor at Reykjavík’s oldest coffeeshop has changed little since the 1950s, and its original mosaic pillars and copper lights either look retro-cool or dead tatty, depending on your mood. The mixed clientele – fr…
Top Choice Seafood in Old Harbour


Sidle into this green harbourside shack for the most famous lobster soup (kr1350) in the capital, or to choose from a fridge full of fresh fish skewers to be grilled on the spot. Though the original sea baron sold t…
Top Choice Icelandic in Laugavegur & Skólavörðustígur

Þrír Frakkar

Owner-chef Úlfar Eysteinsson has built up a consistently excellent reputation at this snug little restaurant – apparently a favourite of Jamie Oliver’s. Specialities range throughout the aquatic world from salt cod …
Top Choice Bar in Laugavegur & Skólavörðustígur


This old house with the London Underground symbol over the door contains one of Reykjavík’s coolest bars; it even had a starring role in the cult movie 101 Reykjavík (2000). At weekends you’ll feel like you need a f…
Top Choice Church in Laugavegur & Skólavörðustígur


Reykjavík’s immense white-concrete church (1945–86), star of a thousand postcards, dominates the skyline, and is visible from up to 20km away. Get an unmissable view of the city by taking an elevator trip up the 74.…
Top Choice Gallery in Old Reykjavík


This gallery represents some of the country’s top modern artists, many of whom show overseas as well.
Top Choice Gallery in Old Harbour

Kling & Bang

This perennially cutting-edge artist-run exhibition space is a favourite with locals, and now has a new expanded gallery in the renovated Marshall House in the Grandi area near the Old Harbour.
Top Choice Neighbourhood in Reykjavík


Laugardalur encompasses a verdant stretch of land 4km east of the city centre. It was once the main source of Reykjavík’s hot-water supply: it translates as ‘Hot-Springs Valley', and in the park's centre you'll find…
Top Choice Museum in Laugavegur & Skólavörðustígur

National Gallery of Iceland

This pretty stack of marble atriums and spacious galleries overlooking Tjörnin offers ever-changing exhibits drawn from the 10,000-piece collection. The museum can only exhibit a small sample at any time; shows rang…