Reykjavík in detail


Reykjavík has loads of accommodation choices, with hostels, midrange guesthouses (often with shared bathrooms, kitchen and lounge) and business-class hotels galore, but top-end boutique hotels and apartments seem to be opening daily. June through August accommodation books out entirely; reservations are essential. Prices are high. Plan for hostels, camping or short-term apartment rentals to save money. Most places open year-round and many offer discounts or variable pricing online.

Practical Tip: Short-Term Rentals

Reykjavík's sky-high summertime accommodation prices have led enterprising locals in the capital’s prized neighbourhoods to rent their apartments (or rooms) to short-stay visitors. Prices often beat commercial rates, though of course there's no maid, concierge etc. Aim for a Reykjavík 101 postal code to be centrally located.