Top Choice Church in Laugavegur & Skólavörðustígur


Reykjavík’s immense white-concrete church (1945–86), star of a thousand postcards, dominates the skyline, and is visible from up to 20km away. Get an unmissable view of the city by taking an elevator trip up the 74.…
Top Choice Gallery in Old Reykjavík


This gallery represents some of the country’s top modern artists, many of whom show overseas as well.
Top Choice Gallery in Old Harbour

Kling & Bang

This perennially cutting-edge artist-run exhibition space is a favourite with locals, and now has a new expanded gallery in the renovated Marshall House in the Grandi area near the Old Harbour.
Top Choice Neighbourhood in Reykjavík


Laugardalur encompasses a verdant stretch of land 4km east of the city centre. It was once the main source of Reykjavík’s hot-water supply: it translates as ‘Hot-Springs Valley', and in the park's centre you'll find…
Top Choice Museum in Laugavegur & Skólavörðustígur

National Gallery of Iceland

This pretty stack of marble atriums and spacious galleries overlooking Tjörnin offers ever-changing exhibits drawn from the 10,000-piece collection. The museum can only exhibit a small sample at any time; shows rang…
Top Choice Museum in Old Reykjavík

National Museum

This superb museum displays artefacts from settlement to the modern age. Exhibits give an excellent overview of Iceland’s history and culture, and the audio guide (kr300) adds loads of detail. The strongest section …
Top Choice Museum in Old Reykjavík

The Settlement Exhibition

This fascinating archaeological ruin/museum is based around a 10th-century Viking longhouse unearthed here from 2001 to 2002, and the other settlement-era finds from central Reykjavík. It imaginatively combines tech…
Top Choice Lake in Old Reykjavík


This placid lake at the centre of the city is sometimes locally called the Pond. It echoes with the honks and squawks of over 40 species of visiting birds, including swans, geese and Arctic terns; feeding the ducks …
Top Choice Art Museum in Laugavegur & Skólavörðustígur

Reykjavík Art Museum – Kjarvalsstaðir

The angular glass-and-wood Kjarvalsstaðir, which looks out onto Miklatún Park, is named for Jóhannes Kjarval (1885–1972), one of Iceland’s most popular classical artists. He was a fisherman until his crew paid for h…
Top Choice Art Museum in Laugavegur & Skólavörðustígur

Culture House

This fantastic collaboration between the National Museum, National Gallery and four other organisations creates a superbly curated exhibition covering the artistic and cultural heritage of Iceland from Settlement to…