Reykjavík in detail

Money and Costs


Icelandic króna (kr)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than 25,000kr

  • Camping: 1500–1800kr
  • Dorm bed: 5000–7000kr
  • Grill-bar grub or soup lunch: 1600–2300kr
  • Golden Circle bus pass: 10,700kr

Midrange: 25,000–41,000kr

  • Guesthouse double room: 19,500–28,000kr
  • Cafe meal: 1900–4500kr
  • Museum entry: 1000kr
  • Pool entry: 650–950kr
  • Small-vehicle rental per day: 8000kr

Top End: More than 41,000kr

  • Boutique double room: 31,000–51,500kr
  • Main dish in top restaurant: 3500–7000kr
  • Spa day pass: 5800kr
  • 4WD rental per day: from 15,000kr


Reykjavík is an almost cashless society where credit cards reign supreme, and the same is true even if you head into the countryside. PIN required for purchases. ATMs available in all towns.


As service and VAT taxes are always included in prices, tipping isn’t required in Iceland. Rounding up the bill at restaurants or leaving a small tip for good service is appreciated.