Iceland in detail


  • Hot-pots and Pools Strip and shower thoroughly before entering a hot-pot or pool.
  • Shoes Remove your shoes when entering someone’s home.
  • Babies Leave your pram and baby outside when visiting boutiques and cafes (yes, you read that correctly).
  • Smoking Don’t smoke in public places, bars or restaurants.
  • Tipping Don’t feel obliged to tip in restaurants – it’s not customary.
  • Birdwatching Don’t stand near the edges of bird cliffs – lie on your stomach so as to not spook the wildlife.
  • Off-roading Don't drive off-road.
  • Drones Don't use drones in national parks.
  • Closures Don't ignore signs that advise that roads or sites are closed – this is due to safety reasons, and you endanger yourself and others by ignoring them.