Top things to do in Reykjahlíð

Top Choice Icelandic in Reykjahlíð


The ‘Cowshed’, 2.5km south of Reykjahlíð, is a memorable restaurant where you can enjoy views of the lush surrounds, or of the dairy shed of this working farm (cows are milked at 7.30am and 5.30pm). The menu is an o…
Icelandic in Reykjahlíð

Gamli Bærinn

The cheerfully busy ‘Old Farm’ tavern beside Hótel Reynihlíð serves up good-quality pub-style meals all day, ranging from lamb soup, burgers and grilled trout to pizzas. In the evening it becomes a local hang-out – …
Church in Reykjahlíð

Reykjahlíð Church

During the Krafla eruption of 1727, the Leirhnjúkur crater, 11km northeast of Reykjahlíð, kicked off a two-year period of volcanic activity, sending streams of lava along old glacial moraines towards the lakeshore. …
Pizzeria in Reykjahlíð

Daddi’s Pizza

At Vogár campground, this small space cranks out tasty pizzas to eat in or take away. Try the house speciality: smoked trout, nuts and cream cheese (tastier than it sounds).
Supermarket in Reykjahlíð


Busy, well-stocked supermarket (with petrol pumps) next to the visitor centre. Has a grill and outdoor picnic tables.