Feature: F Roads

We can think of a few choice F words for these bumpy, at times almost-nonexistent tracts of land, but in reality the ‘F’ stands for fjall (mountain). Do not confuse F roads with gravel stretches of road (regular gravel roads are normally fine for 2WDs, although some of them are bumpy rides for small, low-clearance cars).

  • F roads are indicated on maps and road signs with an 'F' preceding the road number (F26, F88 etc).
  • Opening dates vary with weather conditions, but are generally around mid- to late June.
  • F roads only support 4WDs. If you travel on F roads in a hired 2WD you'll invalidate your insurance. F roads are unsafe for small cars: do yourself a favour and steer clear, or hire a 4WD (or take a bus or super-Jeep tour).
  • Before tackling any F road, educate yourself about what lies ahead (eg river crossings) and whether or not the entire route is open. See www.road.is for mountain-road opening details.
  • While some F roads may almost blend into the surrounding nature, driving off marked tracks is strictly prohibited everywhere in Iceland, as it damages fragile ecosystems.