Internet Access

Wi-fi is common in Iceland.

  • Most accommodation and eating venues across the country offer wi-fi, and often buses do, too. Access is usually free for guests/customers. You may need to ask staff for an access code.
  • Most of the N1 service stations have free wi-fi.
  • The easiest way to get online is to buy an Icelandic SIM card with a data package and pop it in your unlocked smartphone. Other devices can then access the internet via the phone.
  • To travel with your own wi-fi hot spot, check out Trawire ( for portable 4G modem rental with unlimited usage from US$9 per day (up to 10 laptops or mobile devices can be connected).
  • Some car- and campervan-hire companies offer portable modem devices as an optional extra.
  • Most Icelandic libraries have computer terminals for public internet access, even in small towns; there's often a small fee.
  • Tourist information centres often have public internet terminals, often free for brief usage.