As the paved road winds through charcoal lava cliffs you’ll pass Skarðsvík, a golden beach with basalt cubes alongside. A Viking grave was discovered here in the 1960s and it’s easy to understand why this stunning spot would have been a favoured final resting place.

After Skarðsvík the track is unpaved and bumpier (though still manageable for a 2WD). Park at the turn-off (left side) to walk through craggy lava flows to the imposing volcanic crater Vatnsborg, or continue driving straight on until you reach a T-intersection. One kilometre to the left lie the dramatic Svörtuloft bird cliffs (Saxhólsbjarg), with excellent walkways, and a tall, orange lighthouse. To the right, a bumpy track runs parallel to the sea 1.9km to a squat, orange lighthouse. From its parking area, you can walk to the very tip of the peninsula, for whale watching, or walk 200m northeast to Fálkí, an ancient stone well that was thought to have three waters: fresh, holy and ale!


There's no accommodation in Öndverðarnes; go east to the villages along Rte 574.


There are no shops or restaurants in Öndverðarnes; go east to the villages along Rte 574.