Top things to do in Northeast Circuit

Top Choice Cafe in Vopnafjörður


It seems everyone passing through town stops here – and with excellent reason. Inside Kaupvangur, you'll find sofas to relax on, plus delicious coffee, a big lunchtime soup buffet, homemade pizzas (eat in or take aw…
Top Choice Cafe in Raufarhöfn

Kaupfélagið Raufarhöfn

Easily the brightest spark in town, this charming cafe and handicrafts gallery has bags of personality (driftwood, artworks, coffee pots). It's a welcome addition to the town, and opens for a breakfast buffet, after…
Cultural Centre in Vopnafjörður


The town’s most significant building is Kaupvangur, a restored customs house. You’ll find an excellent cafe and information centre on the ground floor, and a handicrafts shop. Upstairs there’s a well-curated exhibit…
Natural Feature in Northeast Circuit


The unsealed but magnificent old coastal road (Rte 870) around the wildlife-rich and little-visited Melrakkaslétta (Arctic Fox Plain) bumps along for 55km between Kópasker and Raufarhöfn. It passes by driftwood, rol…
Monument in Raufarhöfn

Arctic Henge

The striking stone arches of Arctic Henge are the darling of many a brochure, and in real life they live up to the exalted mood. The massive stone circle on the hill just north of Raufarhöfn is 50m in diameter with …
Icelandic in Þórshöfn


Behind the N1 is a harbourside restaurant – and it's a cool surprise to find a loungey area, wide-ranging menu, high-quality food and some excellent local beer choices. Pizza, pasta and burgers are well-done standar…
Museum in Vopnafjörður


This high-quality folk museum is set in a photogenic 18th-century turf-roofed manor house southwest of Vopnafjörður township. The on-site Cafe Croft serves home-baked cake and coffee. It's 8km off Rte 85 about 19km …
Supermarket in Kópasker


Skerjakolla is a sweet surprise: a decent grocery store, with a small and simple cafe serving pizza, sandwiches, coffee and cake. There's even a Vínbúðin here too, and a petrol pump out the front.
Museum in Kópasker

Earthquake Centre

On 13 January 1976 Kópasker suffered a severe earthquake that destroyed several buildings and cracked the harbour wall. Today, there’s a small earthquake museum, which investigates the quake and other tectonics in I…
Museum in Kópasker

Byggðasafn Norður-Þingeyinga

South of the village, the folk museum at Snartarstaðir farm highlights local textile and handicraft traditions. Look for cute, fully dressed scarecrows in the nearby fields. Admission includes coffee and tea.