Top Choice Museum in Húsavík

Húsavík Whale Museum

This excellent museum provides all you ever need to know about the impressive creatures that come a-visiting Skjálfandi bay. Housed in an old harbourside slaughterhouse, the museum interprets the ecology and habits …
Top Choice Church in Húsavík


Húsavík’s beloved church is quite different from anything else seen in Iceland. Constructed in 1907 from Norwegian timber, the delicately proportioned red-and-white church would look more at home in the Alps. Inside…
Top Choice Church in Akureyri


Dominating the town from high on a hill, Akureyri’s landmark church was designed by Guðjón Samúelsson, the architect responsible for Reykjavík’s Hallgrímskirkja. Although the basalt theme connects them, Akureyrarkir…
Top Choice Museum in Varmahlíð


Following Rte 75 north from Varmahlíð leads to the 18th-century turf-farm museum at Glaumbær. It’s the best museum of its type in northern Iceland and worth the easy 8km detour off the Ring Road.The traditional Icel…
Top Choice Museum in Western Mývatn

Sigurgeir’s Bird Museum

For some birdwatching background, swing by Sigurgeir’s Bird Museum, housed in a beautiful lakeside building that fuses modern design with traditional turfhouse. Inside you’ll find an impressive collection of taxider…
Top Choice Museum in Siglufjörður

Herring Era Museum

Lovingly created over 16 years, this award-winning museum does a stunning job of recreating Siglufjörður’s boom days between 1903 and 1968, when it was the herring-fishing capital of Iceland. Set in three buildings …
Top Choice Gardens in Akureyri


The most northerly botanical garden in the world makes a delightful spot for a fragrant wander on sunny days. The wealth of plant life on display is truly astonishing considering the gardens’ proximity to the Arctic…
Top Choice Gardens in Húsavík


A walk along the duck-filled stream of the endearing town park, which is as scenic as the waterfront area, offers a serene break. Access is via a footbridge on Ásgarðsvegur, or beside Árból guesthouse.
Top Choice Waterfall in Goðafoss


Goðafoss (Waterfall of the Gods) rips straight through the Bárðardalur lava field along Rte 1. Although smaller and less powerful than some of Iceland’s other chutes, it’s definitely one of the most beautiful. There…
Top Choice Geothermal Area in East of Reykjahlíð


The magical, ochre-toned world of Hverir (also called Hverarönd) is a lunar-like landscape of mud cauldrons, steaming vents, radiant mineral deposits and piping fumaroles. Belching mudflaps and the powerful stench o…