Top things to do in Látrabjarg Peninsula

Top Choice Beach in Látrabjarg Peninsula


Stunning Rauðasandur beach stretches out in shades of pink and red sands on the southern edge of the peninsula. Pounded by surf and backed by a huge azure lagoon, it's an exceptionally beautiful, serene place. You c…
Top Choice Beach in Látrabjarg Peninsula


An enormous and stunning golden-sand beach, framed by rocky cliffs and the turquoise waters of the bay. Certainly one of Iceland’s best beaches, the idyllic spot is usually deserted. The large Hotel Breiðavík is her…
Top Choice Cafe in Látrabjarg Peninsula

French Café

This wonderful small cafe serves delicious cake and coffee or beer and wine (1300kr) on a farm called Kirkjuhvammur, just back from Rauðasandur. At low tide you can walk right down to the reef.
Museum in Látrabjarg Peninsula

Minjasafn Egils Ólafssonar Museum

In Hnjótur, about 10km west of Sauðlauksdalur, it’s worth stopping at the Minjasafn Egils Ólafssonar Museum. The eclectic collection includes salvaged fishing boats and displays on regional history, from whaling and…
Lighthouse in Látrabjarg Peninsula

Bjargtangar Lighthouse

At the tip of the Látrabjarg Peninsula, the Bjargtangar Lighthouse, Europe’s westernmost point (if you don’t count the Azores), comes into view. Just up the slope you'll find the renowned Látrabjarg bird cliffs.
Beach in Látrabjarg Peninsula


Eight kilometres west of Breiðavík, the tiny hamlet of Hvallátur has a gorgeous white-sand beach, but no services.