Landmannalaugar attractions

Volcano in Landmannalaugar


Sitting behind a volcanic ledge, right off the road to Landmannalaugar, hides an enormous crater. Hnausapollur erupted around 11,000 years ago, now it's filled with piercing blue turquoise water. Those in a 4WD can …
Hot Springs in Landmannalaugar

Natural Pool

Boardwalks from Landmannalaugar's info hut lead to a geothermal hot pool flanked by volcanic hills. It's not officially a 'bathing area', but visitors are fine to take a dip in the water at their own risk. Signs aro…
Volcano in Landmannalaugar


Roughly translated as 'bottleneck', the Stútur crater sits on the Norðurnámshraun lava field and is signposted off the F224 road. Two fairly steep trails lead up both the west and east of the volcano to the crater's…