Top choice Hiking

in Landmannalaugar

Day-hike to the ill-named Ljótipollur (Ugly Puddle), an incredible magenta crater filled with bright-blue water. The intense, fiery-red colour comes from iron-ore deposits. Oddly enough, although it was formed by a volcanic explosion, the lake is rich in brown trout. The walk to the Puddle offers plenty of eye candy, from tephra desert and lava flow to marsh and braided glacial valleys.

To get there from Landmannalaugar, you can climb over the 786m-high peak Norðurnámur or just traverse its western base to emerge on the road (a 10km to 13.3km return trip, depending on the route). For a shorter hike, it's possible to park near the trail on the F208 and hike to the crater – look for the signposts to the trail on the way into Landmannalaugar.