Lagarfljót attractions

Top Choice Farm in Lagarfljót

Wilderness Center

This brilliant attraction opened in 2016 and defies easy classification. It's a remote farm that offers museum exhibits, unique accommodation, local food, horse riding and hiking trails, and the opportunity for tail…
Top Choice Waterfall in Lagarfljót


Crossing the bridge across Lagarfljót on Rte 931, you’ll reach the parking area for lovely Hengifoss, Iceland’s second-highest waterfall. The falls plummet 128m into a photogenic brown-and-red-striped boulder-strewn…
Museum in Skriðuklaustur


Skriðuklaustur is the site of both an excavated, late-15th-century monastery and the photogenic home of an Icelandic author feted by the Third Reich. The unusual black-and-white turf-roofed building was built in 193…