Top things to do in Kópasker

Supermarket in Kópasker


Skerjakolla is a sweet surprise: a decent grocery store, with a small and simple cafe serving pizza, sandwiches, coffee and cake. There's even a Vínbúðin here too, and a petrol pump out the front.
Museum in Kópasker

Earthquake Centre

On 13 January 1976 Kópasker suffered a severe earthquake that destroyed several buildings and cracked the harbour wall. Today, there’s a small earthquake museum, which investigates the quake and other tectonics in I…
Museum in Kópasker

Byggðasafn Norður-Þingeyinga

South of the village, the folk museum at Snartarstaðir farm highlights local textile and handicraft traditions. Look for cute, fully dressed scarecrows in the nearby fields. Admission includes coffee and tea.
Alcohol in Kópasker


Government-run liquor store, inside the supermarket building.