Top things to do

Beach in Jökulsárlón

Diamond Beach

At the Jökulsá river mouth you’ll see ice boulders and bergs resting photogenically on the black-sand beach as part of their final journey out to sea. Tourists have dubbed the site 'Diamond Beach', and the name has …
Fireworks in Jökulsárlón


If you're in the area in mid-August, don't miss the annual, one-night-only fireworks display held at Jökulsárlón as a fundraiser for the local search-and-rescue team. Buses bring spectators to the event from Höfn, K…
Seafood in Jökulsárlón


Warm up with lobster bisque or a lobster roll from this ace food truck. Non-lobster-lovers can opt for a hot dog.
Fish & Chips in Jökulsárlón

Nailed It

Karl serves up delicious fresh fish (battered cod) and chips from his spotless food truck.
Cafe in Jökulsárlón


The year-round cafe beside the lagoon is a decent pit stop for information and a snack, but its offerings are basic and the small, dated space is usually totally overwhelmed.