Route F985

Scenic Drive in Jökulsárlón to Höfn

From the Ring Road, about 35km east of Jökulsárlón and 45km west of Höfn, the F985 4WD track branches off to the broad glacial spur Skálafellsjökull. This 16km-long road is practically vertical in places, with iced-over sections in winter. Glacier Jeeps and Glacier Journey offer a comfortable ride to the top, where you can explore further (on snowmobile or in a super-Jeep).

Don’t even think of attempting to drive Rte F985 in a 2WD car – you’ll end up with a huge rescue bill. F roads are only for 4WD vehicles. People in small 4WD cars, or inexperienced 4WDers, should likewise not attempt this route.